[sword-devel] Getting info about books, chapters, and verses in a module

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Wed Nov 18 01:53:54 EST 2020

Hi Troy!

>> 1) Getting the list of books in a module
>> vector<string> ModuleHelper::getBookList(string moduleName)
>> https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L70
> A small comment, there are different styles of book names:
> VerseKey::getBookName()
> VerseKey::getBookAbbrev()
> VerseKey::getOSISBookName()
> The first two are localized to whatever language you have set for the 
> engine, e.g.,
> LocaleMgr::getSystemLocaleMgr()->setDefaultLocaleName("fr");
Thanks! I'm actually using my helper method getBookList to get a list of 
books that are like "ids". In this case I'm happy with the 
getOSISBookName method. In any case there are several usecases, so 
thanks for highlighting this!

>> 2) Getting a map with the number of verses per chapter per book
>> std::map<std::string, std::vector<int>> 
>> getBibleChapterVerseCounts(std::string moduleName);
>> https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L92
> I am note sure I condone this behavior here :)  If you found a need to 
> do something like this because you couldn't easily use the suggestions 
> below, please let me know and maybe we can fix something or extend 
> functionality to meet your needs.
> If you ever want to know how many Books, Chapters, Verses, etc. are 
> available in a reference system, these should serve that purpose:
> VerseKey::getTestamentMax()
> VerseKey::getBookMax(), once you set the testament
> VerseKey::getChapterMax(), once you set the book
> VerseKey::getVerseMax(), once you set the chapter
At the time when I wrote that function I didn't realize that I could use 
VerseKey to determine max values of chapters/chapter-verses per book.
Thanks! I may actually refactor my code now based on your hint.

To give you some context how I use this function ... in Ezra Project, 
this is currently used in three places.
1) NavigationPane => Getting the number of chapters for a book
2) I have a "verse range formatter", that needs the verse count per 
chapter to work correctly.
3) In my TagStatistics function I calculate percentages relative to the 
total number of verses in a book.

Best regards,

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