[sword-devel] Sword and WebAssembly

Loren Burkholder computersemiexpert at outlook.com
Tue Nov 17 22:20:26 EST 2020

Thanks for the suggestions, Greg. One positive thing for me is that I am using Qt, and Qt has a macro Q_OS_WASM that is defined when you are building for WASM. I'm planning to use this, if necessary, to circumvent WASM limitations by removing/rethinking features when in WASM. Also, settings that require program reloads are not (in my experience) stored between loads of the WASM app. Therefore, the Q_OS_WASM macro could be used to simply cut such features from the WASM build.

One thing to consider, as far as modules are concerned, is that if somebody is using the WebAssembly build of a program, they almost certainly will have a working internet connection at some point. This could mean that the program could simply download a basic module--like KJV--at startup, and give the user the option to download others straight from the web. Alternatively, embedded resources work just fine in WASM (that's how I've been delivering the Bible in my app up until now), so the KJV module could be embedded with the option to install others.

About CLucene--is that something that is used in Sword by default or is it an optional feature?


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