[sword-devel] Getting info about books, chapters, and verses in a module

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Tue Nov 17 12:46:18 EST 2020

Hi Loren,

This is how I’m doing it in node-sword-interface.

1) Getting the list of books in a module

vector<string> ModuleHelper::getBookList(string moduleName)
https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L70 <https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L70>

2) Getting a map with the number of verses per chapter per book

std::map<std::string, std::vector<int>> getBibleChapterVerseCounts(std::string moduleName);
https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L92 <https://github.com/ezra-project/node-sword-interface/blob/master/src/sword_backend/module_helper.cpp#L92>

Best regards,

> Am 17.11.2020 um 04:43 schrieb Loren Burkholder <computersemiexpert at outlook.com>:
> I was digging into the docs and found that a VerseKey can give some info about the book and chapter that it is in, and the numbers of books and chapters. This could be useful to me because I want to get a list of the books in a module, then load the number of chapters for the book and the number of verses for the selected chapter on-demand. However, I'm not completely sure how I should be doing this. Would the following pseudo-code be appropriate, or is there a different method that I should be using?
> m_books = someVar; // what should this do?
> key.setBook(m_books.currentIndex());
> m_chapters = key.getChapterMax();
> m_verses = key.getVerseMax();
> setCurrentRef(m_books[index], m_chapters[index], m_verses[index]);
> I know that this isn't great pseudo code but it's what I came up with.
> Thanks,
> Loren
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