[sword-devel] Remove Strong's references from KJV module

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 14 22:59:53 EST 2020

Hi Loren,

There should be examples you can find under the examples/ folder in the source which output plain text, but there are 2 general ways to do this in SWORD:


SWMgr library;
SWModule *kjv = library.getModule("KJV");
cout << kjv->stripText() << endl;

(see example: https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk/examples/classes/simplechapter.cpp )

2) preferred:

SWMgr library(new MarkupFilterMgr(FMT_PLAIN));
SWModule *kjv = library.getModule("KJV");
cout << kjv->renderText() << endl;

(See example https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk/examples/cmdline/outrender.cpp )

Hope this helps.



On November 14, 2020 8:35:06 PM MST, Loren Burkholder <computersemiexpert at outlook.com> wrote:
>I'm trying to get the plain text for a verse from the KJV module, but I
>can't figure out how to remove the Strong's references. I've tried
>adding a sword::GBFPlain and sword::GBFStrongs as a strip filter to my
>KJV module, but it only strips out the beginning of the <w> element,
>leaving me with stuff like:
>> salvm="strong:H072255">In the beginning
>as my output, instead of taking out the whole <w
>salvm="strong:H072255"> tag. What should I be doing to get rid of all
>Thanks in advance.
>Loren Burkholder
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