[sword-devel] SWORD 1.9.0 Released

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Thu Nov 5 15:07:41 EST 2020

Thanks Troy and everyone for your work on this! I appreciate it very much :)

Best regards,

On 11/5/20 1:45 AM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> As usually, thanks to everyone who has contributed to (and will still 
> contribute to packaging) this release.  You've all been awesome and a 
> blessing and fun.
> https://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/source/v1.9/sword-1.9.0.tar.gz
> A very incomplete but general overview of changes can be found in the 
> ChangeLog, but this doesn't do justice to a full svn log review since 
> our last release
> https://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/source/v1.9/sword-1.9.0/ChangeLog
> May God use this to draw a lost world to Himself.
> Troy
> * Release 1.9.0 *
> 03-Nov-2020	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Added new compile option USECXX11TIME which will provide a default
> 		SWLog::logTimedInformation impl using C++11 facilities
> 	Added new compile options STRIPLOGD and STRIPLOGI which will compile
> 		out engine calles to SWLog::logDebug and SWLog::logInformation
> 		and SWLog::logTimedInformation for runtime optimization
> 	Extended Cordova plugin to include SWModule::setEntry,
> 	SWMgr::getPrefixPath
> 	Isolated all File IO calls to FileMgr
> 	Merged in Xiphos' Windows patch to FileMgr to allow full legal Unicode
> 		range in file path names.
> 	Improved TEI -> HTML output path
> 	Completed camelCase of all public non-deprecated API methods
> 	Added the concept of Utility Modules to engine which are intended to
> 		assist clients in building a robust user experience but are not
> 		intended for exposure to the end user in the same way as
> 		traditional SWORD modules.
> 	Added the concept of [Pref Abbrevs] to locale files to assist mobile
> 		developers choose a localized abbreviation for Bible book
> 		names.
> 	Added facility to set timeouts for SWTransport classes
> 	Many locale updates and new locales added
> 	Improved support for many markup tags
> 	Many bug fixes
> 	Changes to promote safe multi-threaded use
> 	Expanded examples
> 25-Jul-2020	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Added ZipCompress::unTarGZ to provide a library facility to untargz
> 		a file on all supported platforms.
> 07-Jul-2020	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Renamed __[su][8,16,32,64] defines to SW_[su][8,16,32,64]
> 20-Apr-2020	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Extended StringMgr to include lowerUTF8, isUpper, isLower, isDigit,
> 		isAlpha
> 	Added personalization facility for cipher keys
> 10-Sep-2018	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Added intra-verse search support
> 01-Nov-2017	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Added bindings: Android and cordova
> 01-Sep-2017	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Adding French mapping data.
> 		Patch submitted by domcox<dominique at corbex.org>
> 21-May-2017	Troy A. Griffitts<scribe at crosswire.org>
> 	Added --with-icuregex option to use ICU regex engine
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