[sword-devel] Not user-friendly behavior in commentaries (should be continuous)

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 11:45:10 EDT 2020

Dear all,

I am disappointed, because the issue still persists and nobody confirmed 
the bug. Although I already send to the mailing the source of the module 
FreCJE as asked and John Dudeck recently revived the issue with no 
success. Below is again my problem :

I use OSIS commentary for "DayByDay" commentary. The module is called 
FreCJE (for French Chaque jour les Écritures) and is available in the 
main repository of Crosswire. Commentaries cover half or full part of a 
Bible chapter. For instance, here are the first commentaries :

> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.1.1-Gen.1.19">...</div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.1.20-Gen.1.31">...</div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.2.1-Gen.2.14">...</div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.2.15-Gen.2.25">...</div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.3.1-Gen.3.13">...</div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" 
> annotateRef="Gen.3.14-Gen.3.24">...</div>
> etc.
BUT when I use frontends, commentaries are ONLY shown when you are at 
the FIRST verse mentioned in the annotateRef. So Gen.1.1, Gen.1.20, 
Gen.2.1, Gen.2.15… will have a commentary, but not Gen.1.2, Gen.1.3… 
There seems to be no link entries for other verses as expected.

I believe it worked fine years ago, but currently it seems broken :-(

You can access and download the source of FreCJE using this link: 
https://yapper.fr/~yvand/frecje_v2.0.zip (OSIS file)

Can you confirm the bug? Or is it a .conf issue or something else? What 
can I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards,


> Yeah, you very much don't want to do that. The best plan is to send 
> the file to someone (Troy or DM or whoever owns osis2mod) or post it 
> publicly here so they can verify if it's the utility, the engine, or 
> front ends.
> Everything you've said, so far, sounds like it's just a front end 
> display problem and not a module or engine thing. But that can't be 
> guaranteed until someone looks closely at the output of the 
> appropriate tools to see what exactly is ending up in the module.
> --Greg

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