[sword-devel] Win32 FileMgr Subclass

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Thanks for giving me the background on this, Karl! I appreciate it!
Is Xiphos the only frontend that has been patching Sword for this purpose? Then I suppose all other frontends suffer from this issue, huh?
Thanks for putting in the work to make Sword behave well with non-ascii path names!

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From: Karl Kleinpaste
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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Win32 FileMgr Subclass

On 7/18/20 1:53 PM, Tobias Klein wrote:
No, I have not tested my code properly with non-ascii characters in paths / file names.

The original cause for the Xiphos patch to Sword was because, 11 years ago when we introduced the Win32 port, as GnomeSword was renamed Xiphos, one of our first new Windows users was a fellow in Spain who wanted to review it.  His name was Reuvén, and that was his login name on his Windows machine.  So of course the path C:\Users\Reuvén was involved, and that 'é' is what killed us.

What dies here is Sword itself.  Xiphos was fine, being already based on glib, but Sword's collapse came as soon as Xiphos made its first filesystem call.  The patch glib-ifies Sword, where glib works rather hard at hiding the UTF16 boundary from the application.

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