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Thanks Tobias,

Looking at your code, I suspect you might be running into the same issues that SWORD runs into with those similar functions in FileMgr. Different compilers seem to supply different compatibility for full Unicode supposed for standard C functions, for example, getenv. The string input seems often to be the problem. SWORD generally supports UTF-8 everywhere, but Windows seems to support a variety of character encodings for different method calls and often never UTF-8. So strings need to be converted to UTF-16 to call native Win32 methods which support broader Unicode, or else the standard libs provided with your compiler need to do something smart with C function calls. On Linux these smarts are usually set with a locale env variable causing the standard lib calls to change behavior accordingly.

Bottom line, I would test putting your modules on a path with Greek letters and maybe also a space in a folder name somewhere. And see if, when you provide that path with SWORD_PATH, that the engine can open your modules.


On July 18, 2020 3:23:48 PM GMT+02:00, Tobias Klein <contact at tklein.info> wrote:
>Maybe not a full-fledged FileMgr class, but at least everything I need
>in Ezra Project at the moment:
>It works on Windows, macOS and Linux.
>Best regards,
>From: Troy A. Griffitts
>Sent: Samstag, 18. Juli 2020 14:42
>To: SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum
>Subject: [sword-devel] Win32 FileMgr Subclass
>I know Greg has sent me a link to the patch you guys apply to get
>to run well on Win32, but I have searched through all my past emails 
>with every relevant term I can thing of, and still can't find it.  I am
>sorry,  Could you possibly sent that again? I think you guys were using
>glib routines.  If possible, I'd like to include something in SWORD
>generic, possibly using native Win32 calls.  I've done something
>for a couple projects in the past and need to find all that code.  The 
>only one I keep thinking of off the top of my head is swordreader's 
>wince layer, which I believe is similar to win32 methods, but might
>some adapting.
>The Xiphos code would be very helpful, if not just for finding 
>everyplace you needed to make a modification.  Thanks for any help 
>finding it,
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