[sword-devel] Strong's search does not return result if Strong's number in text points to different parts of a verse

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Wed Jul 15 17:08:13 EDT 2020

On 7/15/20 1:23 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> On 7/15/20 2:15 AM, Tobias Klein wrote:
>> Since we don't have the NAS Heb/Grk lexicons
> Actually, we (well, I) do...which is why I could explain your 
> difficulty, after all.
> I just moved them from my private repo to the Xiphos repo.  Feel free 
> to refresh and install.
> Troy and I discussed making them available a little while ago, but we 
> never got to a concrete point.  At least for now, they're available 
> there.  Perhaps we'll decide to move them a different repo sometime, 
> but he may want to regenerate them as, say, TEI rather than the ThML 
> in which they're currently encoded.
> Normalization of NASB's references might still be a good idea, but 
> Lockman may well have something to say about that.

Thank you! :) I didn't expect to get additional dictionary modules when 
starting my original post on this. I just installed them both and 
started looking around a bit.

Normalization of the actual references in the dictionary module would be 
one thing, but the search is another thing I think. So for me the 
question is still whether a search for "G5179" could yield results for 
both "G5179a" and "G5179b" in case of the NASB. Independent of the 
specifics of a translation a user probably just thinks "Strong's" and 
doesn't even know about this feature of the NASB Strong's. Is there any 
other translation out there that uses these special Strong's keys?

I'm asking all these questions because I'm currently working on a 
Strong's based dictionary view that combines the display for multiple 
Strong's based modules in one view. The "standard Strong's keys" are the 
common denominator here (even though some use a variant with a 0 prefix 
in front of the actual Strong's number). So in case of using the NASB it 
would still be nice for the user to have the same kind of search 
behavior as with any other of the Strong's enabled bible modules.

Best regards,

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