[sword-devel] Strong's search does not return result if Strong's number in text points to different parts of a verse

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Wed Jul 15 02:15:10 EDT 2020

Thanks, Karl. Makes sense now.

Since we don't have the NAS Heb/Grk lexicons, but just standard Strong's 
keyed lexicons, would it make sense to "normalize" the way how Sword 
searches in this case? Would it be correct to simply return all verses 
that have either 5179a or 5179b? I guess that's what you would get with 
other translations anyway, right?

Best regards,

On 7/14/20 10:30 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> On 7/14/20 4:09 PM, Tobias Klein wrote:
>> The Strong's search does not return results if the Strong's numbers 
>> in the text point to a part of a verse.
> No, it's because the Strong's numbers in NASB are keyed to their own 
> lexicons, the NAS Heb/Grk lexicons, which have multiple entries at 
> 5179, as 5179a and 5179b.  It's not a reference to a verse segment.
> 5179a:
> τυπικῶς \tupikōs\
> Etymology: from G5179b
> Definition: typically
> Usage: example(1).
> 5179b:
> τύπος \tupos\
> Etymology: from G5180
> Definition: the mark (of a blow), an impression, stamp (made by a die)
> Usage: example(3), examples(2), form(2), images(1), imprint(1), 
> model(1), pattern(3), type(1).
> A literal search for 5179a or 5179b succeeds.
> Unfortunately there's no way for Joe Average to know that an a/b/c 
> suffix is needed or useful.  (There is one entry, 3103, with 3 [a/b/c] 
> entries. There are 182 a/b pairs.)
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