[sword-devel] SWORD Android install location [was: Introduction in Bishop and installing place]

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 28 19:07:02 EST 2020

There have been many threads about this over the past decade.  Here is
the latest I could find:


There was an effort many years back between AndBible, BibleTime Mini,
and Bishop (I believe) to agree on common logic to discover SWORD modules.

I think BibleTime Mini and Bishop might both look at /sdcard/sword for
common modules.  I believe the problem with this is that Android
security has since stopped allowing easy write access to common folders
between applications.  It was kindof a mess last time I tried to sort
this all out between different versions of Android.

The current logic in Bishop is generally to look for and try to read and
install to /sdcard/sword, if it has permission.  Otherwise it installs
to its data directly handed to it by Android and then will augment
modules found in both:

/sdcard/sword/, and also the AndBible datapath:


The full logic can be found in:


(search for: !mgr)

(also: getStorageBasePath)

and you can find the Android impl of getStorageBasePath here:


This usually ends up returning on more modern Android phones:


That's probably more info than anyone wants to know and is the best I
have from memory and a quick review of the code.


On 1/28/20 1:04 PM, Cyrille wrote:
> Hello Troy,
> Bishop, doens't show the introduction of KonVb. And the modules in
> general are installed in a sword folder in the root of the system. It
> would be nice if it can be installed in
> Android/data/net.bible.android.activity in the same place as Andbible.
> Or speak with tuomas to find a solution to not have duplicated modules
> on the system.
> Br Cyrille
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