[sword-devel] Locked modules magical mystery tour...

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Mon Jan 13 12:14:34 MST 2020

IMHO, the worst aspect facing users of locked modules is the lack of a direct link to the copyright owner’s online store page to purchase the unlock key. For most of the available locked modules, the user is left to go on a magical mystery tour to find out how to buy the key.

The exception that sets a good example of how it should be done is the NA28 module.
A config key contains a direct link to the online store. This is nicely displayed by Bishop.

What can be done to improve this aspect of the other third party locked modules provision?

Aside: Which front-ends are still like PocketSword and don’t yet display this config key nor provide a UI field whereby a user can enter the purchased unlock key? PocketSword warns that a module is locked, but the “see below” gives no further clues how to obtain the unlock key.
There’s simply no useful link shown, not even for the NA28 module.

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