[sword-devel] Links between two dictionary modules: FreStrongGreek & FreStrongHebrew

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Sat Aug 8 17:22:01 EDT 2020

I just installed two dictionary modules: FreStrongGreek & FreStrongHebrew

In Xiphos, with FreStrongGreek open as a separate window, the following is observed.

Search for 03497 and find the entry for Νεεμάν, ὁ Neeman

The text includes a link for D’origine hébraïque H5283

Clicking the active line H5283 changes the module to FreStrongHebrew but displays the Hebrew entry for 3497 יִתְנָן Yithnan
NB. The Windows title bar text remains unchanged.

IMHO, this action should display the entry for H5283 נַעֲמָן Na`aman.

This is just an illustration of what happens with links between the two related dictionary modules just released.

Does something similar occur between StrongsGreek & StrongsHebrew ?

Or between StrongsRealGreek & StrongsRealHebrew from the Xiphos repo?

I do not know what is the root cause of this issue.

Is this a module issue, a front-end issue or a back-end issue?

What happens in other front-ends?

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