[sword-devel] SWORD and Tooltips

Daniel Owens dcowens76 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 01:02:03 MST 2020

Does anyone know whether the Bible Tool can be used to create tooltips 
that show the text of a verse on a website, if the verse is a link with 
a valid @osisRef in it? I am thinking of something similar to what 
Logos's RefTagger does, except using SWORD.

I ask because I have the Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon. I am working 
with someone who is a Chromebook user to edit that lexicon to prepare a 
Greek lexicon in Vietnamese. We have a little viewer at 
http://vanphamhatgiong.com/abbott-smith/viewer/. Click on a Scripture 
reference, and it will take you to the STEP Bible. So far so good. But I 
would like to be able to hover on the verse (not click on it) and see 
the text in Greek.

If nothing like that exists, that would be an answer too.


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