[sword-devel] High Efficiency Image File format (HEIF)

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 23:03:59 MST 2020

On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 12:59 AM David Haslam <dfhdfh at protonmail.com> wrote:

> The wiki refers to “Image modules’.
> What are these?
> Are they different to what Karl describes?

No, they're exactly what Karl describes. His point is just that the images
are simply binary blobs to the engine that come along during the download.
The module content as processed by the engine then references those binary
blobs in whatever way is appropriate (e.g. a ThML module will use <img
src="foo.jpg"> tags, OSIS will use its equivalent, etc). The engine doesn't
care what the binary blob is, that's the job of one of the front ends, and
will typically be farmed out to whatever display utility that front end
uses (e.g. to webkit, chromium, etc).

So, Sword itself doesn't need to do anything to support any individual
format. That's something for the front ends to figure out. And, until
someone tries to use a format, no one is likely to put in effort to support
one that doesn't come for free, already, with their toolkit of choice.


> David
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> On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 21:01, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org>
> wrote:
> On 4/24/20 2:48 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> Any plans for SWORD to support HEIF ?
> Sword proper does not really "support" any particular image formats. The
> engine delivers text on demand to the applications, some of which
> incidentally contains references to extra-corporeal image content. The
> engine itself isn't really aware that images are part of the deal, other
> than that some of the filters happen to scribble the right target markup,
> which is agnostic to what format is referenced anyway.
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