[sword-devel] How to highlight SWORD module search results?

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Fri Apr 24 08:44:49 MST 2020

> Am 24.04.2020 um 08:51 schrieb David Haslam <dfhdfh at protonmail.com>:
> First we need a list of which SWORD front-ends (if any) actually highlight the search string words when they return the results.
> Some front-ends merely return the list of verses (with text) but without highlighting anything in the verse text.
> Is this a row that needs to be added to the Search features table in the wiki page “Choosing a SWORD program” ?

On that wiki page there is already a row „Result highlighting“ and this is documented for some frontends.
In Ezra Project it’s currently only working for the in-place search within the currently opened text (via CTRL + f).


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