[sword-devel] trying to get proper xhtml to work in webkit

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Sat Apr 18 06:27:28 MST 2020

Karl, I fear that, even if you get this working, as Greg mentioned earlier, if any module sends even the smallest error which causes the content not to strictly validate-- like an open quote which doesn't close at the end of a verse, that the browser may drop out of XHTML mode. I do find it odd that lenient HTML mode is extra forgiving, and yet doesn't forgive a valid XHTML tag. Not sure who decided on that logic but we have to work with what we've got, so we can target perfection and make all things work in XHTML or we can assume non-perfection (which, sadly I fear there are likely many places in our modules which don't have perfect markup) and change the self-closing div.  I think we should probably do both: shoot for perfection, but avoid the one thing which seems to trip non-perfection mode. I'll try to have something out this weekend for you.

On April 18, 2020 5:09:29 AM MST, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:
>On 4/17/20 11:43 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
>> the HTML WG suggests, and apparently all browsers implement, ignoring
>> those directives and instaead caring only about the Content-Type
>> header/directive. So if you have that header/directive in Xiphos,
>> try updating that to the appropriate "application/xhtml+xml" and see
>> if that fixes Xiphos/WebKit's behavior?
>As I showed in my original note on this, the opening stanza includes
><meta http-equiv=\"content-type\" content=\"application/xhtml+xml;
>and it doesn't help. On a whim, I tried Content-Type in the event a
>case-sensitive match was required, but that didn't help, either.

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