[sword-devel] Build Failure in path with spaces

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 01:17:33 MST 2020

So there's a two-fold failure during compile when handling paths with

The first is that the build fails when the code is in a path that has
spaces in it. This is because instances of "-I${some_foo}/include" in
autotools are not wrapped with quotation marks.

The second is when you invoke: ./configure --prefix="/some/path with a
space/in/it" --sysconfdir="/som/other/path with spaces". This is because
SWICU_DATA and GLOBCONFPATH are not properly escaped for that situation,

An additional frustration, since I was in the autotools already to fix this
(the path on the CI server has spaces in it, because I absentmindedly
created the job with spaces in it) is that I can't finish a compile with
autotools out of stream (I like to do my builds in a subdir of the main
source dir so that things build artifacts and generated objects aren't
being intermingled with the code).

So I've attached a patch that fixes all of these problems.

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