[sword-devel] Engine personal cipher support / Nestle - Aland 28th ed. German Bible Society

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Thu Oct 31 08:01:24 MST 2019

My two penny worth....

Personalised unlock keys that are without robust user authentication are a species of deception.


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On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 14:48, Jaak Ristioja <jaak at ristioja.ee> wrote:

> On 31.10.19 01:30, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Thank you for pointing out one problematic input condition which passes
>> the validation checks already in the code.
>> Your statement that there is no validation on input is incorrect.  There
>> is validation on input.  You found one case which passed those
>> validation checks.  An additional check has been added to handle your
>> case of passing an empty personalization prefix to the depersonalization
>> mechanism.
>> We appreciate your reporting of this unvalidated scenario.  If you find
>> additional strings which cause issues, please continue to provide feedback.
> I believe the function should no longer crash (except when it runs out
> of memory and throws an exception). If the size of the input string and
> the parsed segments were bound, one could rewrite the entire function
> without any memory allocations.
>> Regarding the publisher's reason for requesting personalized unlock
>> codes, in their mind, a user is less likely to share their unlock code
>> if it is, e.g.,
>> RISTIOJAJA2019-wEt-lum-UIw-GlQN
>> They know it does not provide any additional software protection.
>> I agree with their reasoning that it is a disincentive to share one's
>> unlock key if the origin of that shared key can be traced back to a user.
>> Hope this makes sense,
> Yes, thank you Troy! That was my only conjecture as well. But it is a
> really weak disincentive, because one can easily just de-personalize
> "RISTIOJAJA2019-wEt-lum-UIw-GlQN" to "abc-123-def" and share that, or
> even share DeutscheBibelgesellschaftPrivat-NvM-y0K-vbU-arWR or
> TroyGriffitts2019-UWV-IOO-iYY-LBVM if one wants to shift the blame.
> J
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