[sword-devel] How to deal with invalid markup?

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Tue Jul 16 23:13:20 MST 2019

Hi everyone,

Is there a recommended way on how to deal with invalid markup (in a 
frontend) when using the text from a Sword module?

To me invalid markup is basically invalid XML.
You find an example below (Exodus 3:22 / engNET2016eb).

Are Sword modules validated with standard XML validation tools before 
being published?

Best regards,

Module: engNET2016eb

Mark-up text of Exodus 3:22 (module->getRawEntry()):

<w lemma="strong:H802">Every</w> <w lemma="strong:H802">woman</w> <w 
lemma="strong:H7592">will ask</w> <w lemma="strong:H7934">her 
neighbor</w> <w lemma="strong:H1481">and the one who happens to be 
staying</w> <w lemma="strong:H1004">in her house</w> <w 
lemma="strong:H3627">for items</w> <w lemma="strong:H3701">of silver</w> 
<w lemma="strong:H2091">and gold</w> <w lemma="strong:H8071">and for 
clothing</w>. <w lemma="strong:H7760">You will put</w> <w 
lemma="strong:H3627">these articles</w> <w lemma="strong:H5921">on</w> 
<w lemma="strong:H1121">your sons</w> <w lemma="strong:H1323">and 
daughters</w> <w lemma="strong:H5337">– thus you</w>

INVALID section starts here:

<w lemma="strong:H4713">will plunder Egypt</w>*!” ‘*span 
class=”footnote” id=”footnote-65”*’‘*span class=”key”’65‘
<w lemma="strong:H7760">a</w>**href=”#note-65” 
class=”backref”’*3:19‘/a’‘*span class=”text”’ <hi type="italic">tn</hi>: 
<hi type="italic">Heb</hi> “

<w lemma="strong:H1121">and</w> <w lemma="strong:H1121">not</w> <w 
lemma="strong:H1004">with</w> <w lemma="strong:H7760">a</w> mighty hand.”

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