[sword-devel] Wanted : Sword utility to convert MarkDown to GenBook

Michael H cmahte at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 13:19:02 MST 2019

For whay it's worth,  I promote usfm for exactly the reasons being
discussed here. Ease of editing and semantic tags.

The biggest reason not to use markdown for genbooks is the inability to
properly link references to scripture. Since the whole point of having gen
books in the sword platform is to promote bible study,  it seems a bit
counter intuitive to not provide links where scripture is cited.  Usfm does
have the structure, and is no harder to learn than mark down, and has a
robust set of tools for checks.

So maybe the request should be for a usfm to thml conversion,  or
supporting usfm/usx directly in gen books.
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