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Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 01:36:39 MST 2019

I have the same issue on Xiphos, I can't find Cubuano or Ilokano on it.
I tested all repositories. But if I use Bibletime I can found and
install Cebuano. But I don't know from which repo. A work-around on
Android is too use Bibletime for Android. All bibles installed with it
are accessible with AndBible.

Il 07/02/2019 08:13, Tuomas Airaksinen ha scritto:
> Hi Edong,
> First of all, thank you for feedback!
> I'm not aware of what has happened to Cebuano bible. And Bible uses
> bible data from Crosswire's SWORD module repositories, so I'll forward
> your message to the sword-devel mailing list, with the hope that we
> will get an answer from there.
> Best regards,
> Tuomas
> ma 4. helmik. 2019 klo 3.36 Edong Daileg (edaileg at gmail.com
> <mailto:edaileg at gmail.com>) kirjoitti:
>     Hello,
>     Am one of your apps user and found out very helpful for me.
>     Especially, the multi language translation.
>     Recently, i change phone due to my old one is very old and out
>     dated already. So, i have this new phone and downloaded the "And
>     Bible apps". To my surprised i cannot find the Ilokano and Cebuano
>     bible in it. Is there anyway to download it again? It's not in
>     list anymore, but if there's a way and you make it available
>     again, i will be happy to have it again. As a missionary in the
>     Philippines and moving to different places and different
>     languages, it will be a great help to us.
>     So please, if you make them available again it will great.
>     Thank you very much for your apps. And, looking forward to use it
>     again.
>     Your apps user, Ernani Daileg
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