[sword-devel] LXX Strongs & Morphology

Dudeck, John John.Dudeck at sim.org
Tue Feb 5 18:19:28 MST 2019


I've just tried loading the LXX in AndBible. Supposedly it has both Strongs numbers and Morphology tagging. But in AndBible it only displays Morphology when there is no Strongs number on a given word. And in that case it tries to look up the Morphology in Strongs. In Xiphos you can see where there is no Strongs number in those cases.

By the way I am using our own French version of Strongs. Is the morphology lookup supposed to be in Strongs for LXX? With the Textus Receptus it needs Robinson's module.

In contrast the Textus Receptus displays both Strongs and Morphology.

Does this mean there is a tagging problem in the LXX? Or is it an AndBible/Jsword problem?

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