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Thanks! Ok, then I’ll use trunk for now and later settle with 1.9.

Best regards,

From: Troy A. Griffitts
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Subject: [sword-devel] SWORD 1.9.x [was: NA28]

Hi Tobias,
Technically, the functionality was added to trunk here:
r3614 | scribe | 2018-12-29 14:23:25 -0700 (Sat, 29 Dec 2018) | 1 line

Added personalization mechanism for cipher keys
Having said that, it is time for a new release.  Hunting for that commit, I can see we have done quite a few things over 2019, which is great, but we need to push things out now as an official release.  Rather than worry about binary-breaking changes, it should be easier to push out 1.9.0 with all the latest changes.
Let's all try to wrap this up in the first couple weeks of the new year.  I'll be sure to commit over the next couple days any binary-breaking changes I have in the pipeline and we can all test trunk and confirm we are happy with it for our projects.
Merry Christmas!!!

On 12/26/19 6:14 AM, Tobias Klein wrote:
Dear Troy!
Merry Christmas!
What’s the minimum Sword version for using NA28?
I’ve just tried with a local 1.8.1 build and got the following error message when trying to get text from the installed module:
ERROR: corrupt data during decompression.
Once using the latest trunk it works.
Best regards,
From: Troy A. Griffitts
Sent: Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019 00:53
To: SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum; jsword-devel at crosswire.org
Subject: [sword-devel] NA28
Hey team,
I am happy to announce that after 21 years of negotiations, the
Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament is finally available for SWORD
applications, sold directly from the German Bible Society.  The purchase
page is initially only available in German, so you may need to let
Chrome help you translate to make the purchase.  They have honored their
word and because we have done all the work to convert their data and
take no royalty they only charge 10€ for the SWORD module.  They also
allow the module to be used in all of our apps, so it's a great
advantage for our users to buy once and use on their multiple platforms,
devices, and applications.
For those that don't know, the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament is the
standard text which most all seminary students are required to purchase
for their studies and shares the same Greek text as the United Bible
Societies' Greek New Testament used by the majority of Bible translators
worldwide, but the Nestle-Aland edition includes an extended critical
If you have a separate project page or forum for your frontend
community, please let your users know and please support the work of the
German Bible Society and encourage them to make more of their resources
available for our software by purchasing a copy for yourself.
The module includes the variant apparatus for each applicable verse as a
footnote at the end of the verse, which should facilitate the module to
show reasonably well in most frontends.  Bishop has a bit of custom code
to handle the apparatus a bit more nicely and allows clicking on the
apparatus to jump to INTF manuscript features.
JSword may need to include the updated encipher code to support the
module before JSword frontends will work properly.
Luc Herren, who previously worked for the INTF, pushed years ago to get
every Nestle-Aland critical apparatus sign into the Unicode
specification, so there is a good chance that some font on most devices
will have the required glyphs.  I include GentiumPlus with Bishop, which
I can confirm has all the symbols for the critical apparatus.
The module .conf file now includes:
UnlockInfo=Please visit the online store of the German Bible Society to
purchase an unlock key: <a
- SWORD Module</a>
If your frontend doesn't yet support the new UnlockInfo property, please
consider adding support to help users know how to obtain unlock keys
when installing locked modules.
I pray everyone has had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday for those who
celebrate.  It is always a blessing to share in service for our Lord
with all of you,
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