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Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Dec 1 09:14:18 MST 2019

This is awesome! I'm really happy to hear that, Troy!

This probably increases chances that other copyright-protected 
ressources from the German Bible society could also become available as 
locked Sword modules.

I don't have unlock support in Ezra Project yet, but I'm now definitely 
planning to start working on it some time soon.

Best regards,

On 12/1/19 12:52 AM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Hey team,
> I am happy to announce that after 21 years of negotiations, the
> Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament is finally available for SWORD
> applications, sold directly from the German Bible Society.  The purchase
> page is initially only available in German, so you may need to let
> Chrome help you translate to make the purchase.  They have honored their
> word and because we have done all the work to convert their data and
> take no royalty they only charge 10€ for the SWORD module.  They also
> allow the module to be used in all of our apps, so it's a great
> advantage for our users to buy once and use on their multiple platforms,
> devices, and applications.
> For those that don't know, the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament is the
> standard text which most all seminary students are required to purchase
> for their studies and shares the same Greek text as the United Bible
> Societies' Greek New Testament used by the majority of Bible translators
> worldwide, but the Nestle-Aland edition includes an extended critical
> apparatus.
> If you have a separate project page or forum for your frontend
> community, please let your users know and please support the work of the
> German Bible Society and encourage them to make more of their resources
> available for our software by purchasing a copy for yourself.
> The module includes the variant apparatus for each applicable verse as a
> footnote at the end of the verse, which should facilitate the module to
> show reasonably well in most frontends.  Bishop has a bit of custom code
> to handle the apparatus a bit more nicely and allows clicking on the
> apparatus to jump to INTF manuscript features.
> JSword may need to include the updated encipher code to support the
> module before JSword frontends will work properly.
> Luc Herren, who previously worked for the INTF, pushed years ago to get
> every Nestle-Aland critical apparatus sign into the Unicode
> specification, so there is a good chance that some font on most devices
> will have the required glyphs.  I include GentiumPlus with Bishop, which
> I can confirm has all the symbols for the critical apparatus.
> The module .conf file now includes:
> UnlockInfo=Please visit the online store of the German Bible Society to
> purchase an unlock key: <a
> href="https://www.die-bibel.de/shop/bibelausgaben/digitale-bibelausgaben/dvds-und-videos/na28-app-lizenzschluessel-0106">NA28
> - SWORD Module</a>
> If your frontend doesn't yet support the new UnlockInfo property, please
> consider adding support to help users know how to obtain unlock keys
> when installing locked modules.
> I pray everyone has had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday for those who
> celebrate.  It is always a blessing to share in service for our Lord
> with all of you,
> Troy
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