[sword-devel] Deep Linking to Strongs on The Bible Tool

Don Elbourne don2 at elbourne.org
Fri Aug 9 09:28:07 MST 2019

Hi guys, I pray ya'll are doing well. Its been a very long time since I 
have posted here, but I'm working on a little project and thought you 
could help.

Is there a way to link directly to a Strongs number entry on "The Bible 

We are doing a Bible study at church, on the Apostles' Creed and I have 
created an HTML interlinear to aid in our study. I wanted to link to an 
online Lexicon, for word studies, and figured this might be a good way 
to do it, if the tool has the capacity.

BTW, nobody here probably remembers me, but I did the CSS for the Bible 
Tool, way back in the day. I am so glad that it still looks great. :)


by Grace alone,

Pastor Don A. Elbourne Jr

Lakeshore Baptist Church



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