[sword-devel] IBT repository - module contents structure

Johan johan.marais at messianic.co.za
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Is it possible to create an index (e.g. in Xiphos) and transfer that (as part of the other bible and dictionary modules in zipped format) via Module Maintainer Mode in PocketSword?

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If you install a Bible module from the IBT repository, the module is structured such that it also already contains the Lucene search index. 


Try installing the Chechen module CHE. 


Thus for PocketSword there is no further need to go to the CrossWire server to look for a separately maintained unofficially supported installable search index for each module released. 


After CHE was installed, the search index existed, even though PS did not indicate that it had looked for and found a search index from CrossWire. 


At least that’s what appears to be the case for some IBT modules. But I may be mistaken. 


Some other IBT Bible modules are without a built-in search index and the index is not found at CrossWire either. 


Might this approach be a useful method to imitate for CrossWire modules?


Either way, the possibility to harmonise the support for PocketSword search clearly has more than one potential interim workaround. 


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