[sword-devel] Module upload: CPDV

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Sun Apr 28 00:21:45 MST 2019

What should be the module version for this announced update to CPDV ?

Is it conceivable that the .conf file has two entries for the Version key ?

Eg. Due to bugs in the confmaker script used by the modules team?

That might explain why we see something that looks as though it’s still the old version 1.0.1

Can the script be enhanced such that the announcement message always clearly states what version to expect to find in the repository?

This would short circuit a lot of the wasted effort looking for something that’s not findable.


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> Dear All,
> This is to announce that we have just now uploaded CPDV.
> This is is an updated version of CPDV.
> Many thanks to Cyrille for the hard work.
> yours
> The Module Team
> P.S.: This email is sent automatically on upload of a new/updated module
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