[sword-devel] Running bible software on a Windows tablet

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Apr 14 10:35:28 MST 2019


I've recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Go tablet and I'm pretty 
excited about this. I specifically got this tablet so that I don't have 
to sit at church with my laptop when I want to capture information in my 
bible software (Ezra Project).

Generally I'm not a big fan of Windows, but I'm also pragmatic ...
I owned tablets before, but the big difference with this one is that 
it's a PC running a standard Windows, which in turn means that you can 
run any Windows PC software on it.

So with this device you get a compact (10 inch touch screen) mobile 
device that runs existing PC-based software without any additional 
porting efforts. And that's pretty exciting.
The Surface Go is not super-fast (1.6 Ghz Intel CPU), but certainly good 
enough for bible software.

I wanted to share this info with you, since some of you may also want to 
use existing bible software "on the go" - without porting efforts to a 
new platform.

Best regards,

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