[sword-devel] New Finnish bible module: FinSTLK

Ilpo Rouhu ilpo.rouhu at luterilainen.com
Tue Sep 18 03:32:55 EDT 2018

Dear Peter et al.


I received a word from Tuomas Airaksinen – who kindly converted our new Finnish Bible translation into SWORD format – that you might be able to publish the new FinSTLK module in the near future.


I just want to bring to your attention the fact that we published yesterday some last moment corrections and amendments to the FinSTLK Bible module. So please make sure that you download the latest version (v1.3) from our GitHub repository https://github.com/Luterilainen/FinSTLK as input to your work when starting to create the Bible module.


And if it is ok with you, I also would like to be informed when you have finished the new module creation so that I could help you in verifying that everything is ok with the module, and people can enjoy a smooth user experience with the new module straight from the beginning.


If there should arise any questions where I might be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.




                +- ilpo.


                Ilpo Rouhu

                The Confessional Lutheran Church of Finland

                Church Secretary


From: Tuomas Airaksinen <tuomas.airaksinen at gmail.com> 
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Subject: New Finnish bible module: FinSTLK


Dear Crosswire repository maintainers,


New finnish bible module FinSTLK is now ready to be published to 

Crosswire platform. The module is produced by Confessional Lutheran Church of Finland (http://luterilainen.com/en).


OSIS XML and .conf file can be found in Github repository:




Best regards,


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