[sword-devel] What devel libraries I am missing?

mark at marktrompell.de mark at marktrompell.de
Fri Sep 28 02:41:26 EDT 2018

> Hi,


> trying to build sword 1.8.1 on Linux (openSUSE/Tumbleweed) using 
> cmake and the result is not persuasive.
>     In file included from /home/matej/build/home/sword/sword-1.8.1/src/mgr/swmgr.cpp:108:
>     /home/matej/build/home/sword/sword-1.8.1/include/utf8transliterator.h:53:2: error: ‘UnicodeString’ does not name a type
>       UnicodeString resource;
>       ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I haven't tried, but maybe sword is not ready for ICU 61+?
Regards Mark

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