[sword-devel] Possibility of using Slack

Manfred Bergmann manfred.bergmann at me.com
Thu Jun 28 22:52:36 MST 2018


We use Slack at work.
It's better than Skype nowadays, since the Skype version is hardly 
usable anymore, at least on Mac.

However, it has a few problems:
- it needs vast amount of RAM (> 700MB) on my Mac.
- Notifications of channel activity are not sent sometimes
- there is a 'number-of-messages' limit. Don't know the size out of my 
head. Basically it means that you have to move to a paid scheme if you 
don't want to loose messages.
Which kind of disqualifies it for Crosswire.


Daniel Bennett schrieb am 28.06.18 um 21:29:
> Hi everyone,
> Just wanted to float the possibility of creating a Slack group for sword 
> development?
> If you haven’t seen Slack, it’s a group messaging service, which gives 
> you control over notifications.
> It’s private, secure, and requires minimal personal information.
> Hit reply and let me (or the group) know your thoughts!
> Here’s a screenshot below:
> Image result for slack screenshots
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