[sword-devel] Bishop 1.1.4

Dominic Tubach dtubach at web.de
Wed Jun 27 13:16:00 MST 2018

I'm trying to build Bishop. Though "make setup" fails because
plugins/org.crosswire.sword.cordova.SWORD/libs/android/armeabi/libsword.so is 
$ ls plugins/org.crosswire.sword.cordova.SWORD/libs/android
arm64-v8a  armeabi-v7a  x86  x86_64

What can I do to fix this?

Notes on building the binding (Sword 1.8.1):
"google()" has to be added to the repositories of buildscript and allprojects 
in sword/bindings/Android/SWORD/build.gradle to build from CLI.

I had to create the directory sword/bindings/cordova/
org.crosswire.sword.cordova.SWORD/libs/android/ by hand before running make in 
sword/bindings/Android, though this is not documented. I think this should be 
done by the Makefile.
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