[sword-devel] Restoring an iPhone from a backup (using iTunes) - Bishop & PocketSword data

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Tue Jun 26 05:12:41 MST 2018


I just bought a new iPhone SE to replace my old iPhone 5 that was showing signs of mechanical wear.

I followed the procedure to use iTunes to backup my iPhone data and apps to my Windows 7 PC.
Then to restore the same data to my new iPhone.

At the end of this process, I examined both SWORD based apps.

Bishop still has the originally installed modules. Hurrah!
PocketSword is empty -  no modules installed. Sadness!

Anyone who is a regular PocketSword user should first take note of all their installed modules if they wish to get back to the same state.
I'm assuming that its bookmarks and search history were also not included in the app data.

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