[sword-devel] Using Sword engine for first time issue

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sat Jun 16 00:38:04 MST 2018


I've succesfully set up a Ubuntu VM and built sword on it. As far as I
know, everything built fine. Now, when I run the installmgr -sc command as
per the wiki, it just hangs. Having turned on debugging, here's what I'm

CURLFTPTransport report progress: totalSize: 0; xfered: 0

Previously to this, I could see that the connection established fine, and
via tcpdump i can witness the traffic too. (e.g. Recv header: 257 "/", 250
Directory succesfully changed. The last satements are:

"Send header: EPSV
TEXT: Connect data stream passively"

Any ideas if I'm doing something obviously wrong?
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