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I’ll see if I can explain from memory. I’m the most recent contributor to osis2mod.

Below “first” means the first encountered. For a complete Bible it is as you’d think, but if there is only one testament or an incomplete testament, first may not refer to Genesis or Matthew. Also, if a book or chapter doesn’t start with chapter or verse 1, then first doesn’t refer to 1.

BTW, Intro, Heading, and Title are treated as the same. The toggle for headings handles all three the same. Initially the thought was that there were only titles and sub-titles.

Bible Intro. Osis2mod doesn’t know how to properly handle this. Everything before the first testament is gathered as the Bible intro. OSIS doesn’t require testament divisions, but these are needed to identify a Bible intro. 

Testament Intro. Osis2mod doesn’t know how to properly handle this. Everything before the first book is gathered as a testament intro. Everything after the last book of the Old Testament and before the first book of the New Testament is gathered as the NT intro.

Because osis2mod doesn’t know how to address Bible and Testament intro it is put in the first location it knows is after that point. Practically, it becomes intro material in the first chapter.

Book Intro. Everything inside the book tag before the first chapter tag is a Book intro. While it is placed in chapter 0, verse 0 for the book, you never explicitly address 0. Osis2mod will figure it out.

Chapter Intro. This is the most difficult. A chapter intro comes after the chapter tag and comes before the tag for verse 1. But some can be an intro that goes with the chapter and some is taken as the intro to a verse. Since it is hard to control where one ends and the next begins, the wiki has carefully laid out how osis2mod distinguishes the two. Special treatment is needed for canonical Psalm headings. That which goes with the chapter intro is put into verse 0 for that chapter, but you never explicitly address 0. Osis2mod will figure it out as well. The rest is prefixed to verse 1 with special markup that osis2mod adds.

Verse intro (aka titles). This is everything between 2 verses after the last closing tag of the prior verse and before the start verse tag. Often this contains no text but only structural tags.

Many frontends do not show intro material but only material from verse 1 and following. (Hopefully, I’m wrong.)

If you make an uncompressed module and use the debug flag to show markers for verses you can view the built data files in a readable format.

If someone can explain to me how to address the intros using the SWORD engine, I’ll update osis2mod to properly store them.

The wiki can be improved. Feel free to make it read better.

Hope this helps,


> On Jun 11, 2018, at 8:11 PM, John Dudeck <john.dudeck at sim.org> wrote:
> Would somebody please clarify the documentation on the wiki page for osis2mod.exe for "Handling of Introductions, Titles and Inter-Verse Material". I can't make heads nor tails out of it.
> Specifically, how are we supposed to tag (in OSIS) the introductory material in a Bible? The wiki page says that SWORD looks for module, testament, book and chapter introductory material." In the Bibles I am working on, everything inside of chapter tags is being displayed, but none of the stuff outside the chapter tags is being displayed.
> It says that "A module introduction should be place into testament 0, book 0, chapter 0, verse 0. A testament introduction should be placed into testament 1 or 2, book 0, chapter 0, verse 0." What does this mean? Where do you tag the testament number, the book number, etc? This is not explained in the OSIS documentation, which only mentions book abbreviations, and nothing about testaments.
> It says "See OSIS Bibles for best practices in marking up titles and introductions." But that page says nothing at all about introductions.
> Thanks.
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