[sword-devel] Error in v11n for French Segond

dominique at corbex.org dominique at corbex.org
Sat Jul 14 08:28:20 MST 2018

Hi John,

In fact, I discovered that is nothing close to an absolute unique
French Segond v11n, but several v11n with (minimal) differences
depending on the editor, year and whatever.

So, for Sword, a choice has to be done. The v11n in Sword is based on
multiple printed editions of the Segond 1910 Bible (Public Domain),
several are listed in the Wiki:

For that particular verse, Mark 10:53, the decision was to not include
it. Mk 10:53 doesn't exists in all Segond Bibles, and in that case, the
default behavior of osismod is perfect as Mark 10:53 is automatically
appended to Mark 10:52. If it had been the other way round, the result
will be a Bible with an empty verse.

dominique at corbex.org

On Thu, 12 Jul 2018 19:01:49 -0400
"John Dudeck" <john.dudeck at sim.org> wrote:

> I have noticed that the French Segond v11n does not accept Mark 10:53, which exists in the Segond Bible as well as several others derived from Segond.

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