[sword-devel] Error in v11n for French Segond

Michael H cmahte at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 16:17:50 MST 2018


I'm fairly sure the root problem has already been addressed, but due to the
long lead time for the new french versifications to be present across all
front end programs, the fix to the module is being delayed. Once most user
cases are using Sword 1.8, the module will be updated. (but then I'm not
sure if this is all true, and that's the underlying reason you see what you
see. There could be errors in the module, or it could be time, and just
remains unaddressed.)

Is it possible to host a Segond module compatible with 1.7 and another
(update/replace) based on 1.8 on a single server at the same time?  If this
is true most front ends would see the older module as the latest based on
the sword engine present.

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