[sword-devel] canon.bible.xml and alternate versification questions

Vince LaRue vinsulation117 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 12:10:58 MST 2018


In my use of Eloquent, I've noticed that the book names always display 
in English, not in the language of the module. Is this a limitation of 
the front-end itself, or due to a lack of a canon.bible.xml file as part 
of the configuration?

Also, the Bible version that I'm trying to make available has a few 
unique versification features that I would like to preserve in the 
module (I don't believe it follows any of the currently available 
versification standards). Making it in GenBook format is mentioned, but 
there doesn't appear to be any information available. Could someone 
point me in the right direction?


Vince LaRue

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