[sword-devel] Export CzeCSP to format which could be imported to InDesign

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Thu Dec 13 16:37:27 MST 2018


people I got my sources for CzeCSP from, would like to publish 
their translation as a Book. Their publishing house uses 
InDesign, so I wonder whether it is possible to export OSIS XML 
somehow to something wordprocessor-like.

The easiest solution seemed

diatheke -b CzeCSP -f RTF -o fmhsinx -k Jn >jan-CSP.rtf

but that produced something my LibreOffice Writer seriously 
doesn't know what to do with (https://da.gd/wtsPp is 
diatheke-generated RTF, and Writer generated ODT is 
https://da.gd/Vpa6). I guess Windows Western European \ansi 
encoding is probably not the right one. Any ideas, how to fix 
it? HTML is generated correctly (https://da.gd/fZpue), but it 
doesn't contain any notes, footnotes, etc.

Any ideas?

Blessed Christmas,

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