[sword-devel] Strong's Numbers Standards

Gary Holmlund gary at holmlund.org
Tue Sep 26 20:38:23 MST 2017

I am trying to understand the various forms that Strong's references can 
have. Let me explain with an example from BibleTime when we hover over a 
word and automatically display the Strong's reference text.

In the new testament (KJV and ESV2011) the Strong's reference for 
"angel" is  "G32". In BibleTime the "G" is removed leaving "32" as the 
reference to lookup. This works for StrongsGreek, StringsRealGreek, and 
AbbottSmithStrongs. It does not work for MLStrong and Dodson.

In the books StrongsGreek, StringsRealGreek, and AbbottSmithStrongs the 
reference is "00032". In MLStrong and Dodson the reference is "G0032". 
So, I find that "32" will work as a key when the book reference is 
"00032",  but "32" or "G32" won't work if the book reference is "G0032"

If I knew that Strong's references were either "Gnnnn" or "nnnnn" I 
could pad zeros in the right place when a shorter Strong's reference 
needs to be looked up. Or is there some other method we can use?

PS. I am told that Xiphos has the same problem.

Gary Holmlund

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