[sword-devel] Question marks and exclamations marks in Bible versions

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 22 00:22:39 MST 2017


I just gathered some statistics by counting the occurrences of question
marks and exclamations marks in various English Bible versions.

Here are the results: (ordered on the ! )

Version	Count (?)	Count(!)
KJV	3297	313
RV1885	3221	363
ASV	3220	386
Darby	3222	941
NASB	3123	1241
NHEB	3238	1439
WEB	3245	1468
ESV2011	3130	1701
ESV2001	3132	1706
NIV	3247	1733
NKJV	3245	1807
LEB	3108	2841
NET	2985	5236

NB. If the columns don't align in your email client, copy the lines into

The huge variation in the number of exclamations marks reflects the changes
in culture.
The NET Bible is really out on a limb with such an excessive number.

The number of question marks shows much less variation between versions.
That's to be expected. 
Deciding whether something is a question is more straightforward.

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