[sword-devel] FYI geo IP lookups of repo access

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Sep 10 14:38:51 MST 2017

Now and then I get curious about where all the accesses to
ftp.xiphos.org come from.  This is a crude summary from my
/var/log/xferlog since early August.  Counts of accesses can be gotten
by substituting the last "uniq" stage of the pipeline with "uniq -c |
sort -nr" but such counts are registering individual files accessed,
which is not very informative, especially for modules that include
dozens of image files.

cat xferlog* | cut -f7 -d' ' | sed -e s/::ffff:// | sort | uniq -c |
sort -nr | awk '{ print $2 }' | fgrep . | while read ip ; do geoiplookup
$ip ; done | grep 'GeoIP Country Edition' | sed -e 's/GeoIP Country
Edition: //' | sort | uniq
AE, United Arab Emirates
AM, Armenia
AO, Angola
AR, Argentina
AT, Austria
AU, Australia
AW, Aruba
AZ, Azerbaijan
BE, Belgium
BG, Bulgaria
BJ, Benin
BO, Bolivia
BR, Brazil
BY, Belarus
CA, Canada
CD, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
CH, Switzerland
CI, Cote D'Ivoire
CL, Chile
CM, Cameroon
CN, China
CO, Colombia
CR, Costa Rica
CZ, Czech Republic
DE, Germany
DK, Denmark
DO, Dominican Republic
EC, Ecuador
EE, Estonia
EG, Egypt
ES, Spain
ET, Ethiopia
EU, Europe
FI, Finland
FM, Micronesia, Federated States of
FR, France
GB, United Kingdom
GH, Ghana
GR, Greece
GT, Guatemala
GU, Guam
HK, Hong Kong
HN, Honduras
HR, Croatia
HU, Hungary
ID, Indonesia
IE, Ireland
IL, Israel
IN, India
IP Address not found
IR, Iran, Islamic Republic of
IT, Italy
JO, Jordan
JP, Japan
KE, Kenya
KG, Kyrgyzstan
KI, Kiribati
KR, Korea, Republic of
KZ, Kazakhstan
LT, Lithuania
MD, Moldova, Republic of
MM, Myanmar
MW, Malawi
MX, Mexico
MY, Malaysia
MZ, Mozambique
NA, Namibia
NG, Nigeria
NI, Nicaragua
NL, Netherlands
NO, Norway
NP, Nepal
NZ, New Zealand
PE, Peru
PG, Papua New Guinea
PH, Philippines
PL, Poland
PR, Puerto Rico
PT, Portugal
RE, Reunion
RO, Romania
RU, Russian Federation
SA, Saudi Arabia
SE, Sweden
SG, Singapore
SK, Slovakia
SS, South Sudan
SX, Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
TH, Thailand
TM, Turkmenistan
TR, Turkey
TW, Taiwan
TZ, Tanzania, United Republic of
UA, Ukraine
UG, Uganda
US, United States
UY, Uruguay
UZ, Uzbekistan
VE, Venezuela
VN, Vietnam
ZA, South Africa
ZM, Zambia
ZW, Zimbabwe

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