[sword-devel] Strongs in texts

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at crosswire.org
Wed Oct 25 00:59:38 MST 2017

Dear All, 

Can someone tell me what with the following encoding is wrong? 

<verse sID="Matt.1.1" osisID="Matt.1.1" n="1"/><w src="01">Das</w> <w
lemma="strong:G0976" morph="robinson:N-NSF" src="01">Buch</w> <w
src="02">von</w> <w src="02">der</w> <w lemma="strong:G1078"
morph="robinson:N-GSF" src="02">Herkunft</w> <w src="03">von</w> <w
lemma="strong:G2424" morph="robinson:N-GSM" src="03">Jesus</w> <w
lemma="strong:G5547" morph="robinson:N-GSM" src="04">Christus</w>, <w
src="05">dem</w> <w lemma="strong:G5207" morph="robinson:N-GSM"
src="05">Sohn</w> <w lemma="strong:G1138" morph="robinson:N-PRI"
src="06">Davids</w>, <w src="07">dem</w> <w lemma="strong:G5207"
morph="robinson:N-GSM" src="07">Sohn</w> <w lemma="strong:G0011"
morph="robinson:N-PRI" src="08">Abrahams</w>.<verse eID="Matt.1.1"/>

It looks all straightforward to me - but in Xiphos (the only frontend
in which I have so far tested this hopefully soon to be published
module) the strongs are permanently on and appear behind the word.
Switching the strongs option on, they move to the customary place. 



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