[sword-devel] SWORD bug for text containing italics and variant markup

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 17 07:43:06 MST 2017

Just seen some unexpected behaviour from SWORD, common to diatheke and

Psalm titles are marked as italics in verse 1 of a French Bible (due to the

Some of them also include parenthesised alternative readings, which I marked
up as "x-2".

Currently I ensured that parentheses were not italicised, though that can be

Diatheke outputs: (OSIS hi elements become asterisks)

1. Without variants:
Psalms 66:1: *Parmi *(*Dans*)* les hymnes, psaume, *(*d’un*)* cantique de

2. With variants: (defaulting to primary reading)
Psalms 66:1: *Parmi **Parmi  les hymnes, psaume, **Parmi  les hymnes,
psaume,  cantique de David.*

It's evident that a section of the title is duplicated in the diatheke

i.e. [ **Parmi  les hymnes, psaume, ]  - spaces are part of the section.

Xiphos displays the line correctly, but when I copy the text, the same
duplication occurs.

I therefore think that there's a bug in the SWORD engine here.

NB. I won't paste the XML here, as it may be messed up by the communications

Best regards,


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