[sword-devel] Difference between RawText::isLinked() and RawText4::isLinked()

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Wed Mar 22 16:11:47 MST 2017


Why does RawText::isLinked() have the line:

     if (!size1 || !size2) return false;

but RawText4::isLinked() doesn't?

Best regards,

-bool RawText::isLinked(const SWKey *k1, const SWKey *k2) const {
+bool RawText4::isLinked(const SWKey *k1, const SWKey *k2) const {
        long start1, start2;
-       unsigned short size1, size2;
+       unsigned long size1, size2;
        VerseKey *vk1 = &getVerseKey(k1);
        VerseKey *vk2 = &getVerseKey(k2);
        if (vk1->getTestament() != vk2->getTestament()) return false;

        findOffset(vk1->getTestament(), vk1->getTestamentIndex(),
&start1, &size1);
        findOffset(vk2->getTestament(), vk2->getTestamentIndex(),
&start2, &size2);
-       if (!size1 || !size2) return false;
        return start1 == start2;

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