[sword-devel] Magic testament numbers in Sword

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Sun Mar 19 14:33:30 MST 2017


I have a question about a magic number in the zVerse, zVerse4, RawVerse
and RawVerse4 classes. More precisely, some of their methods take as
argument a variable "testmt" of type char. For some methods the code
comments states:

  testmt    - testament to find (0 - Bible/module introduction)

but for other methods:

  testmt  - testament file to search in (0 - Old; 1 - New)

Am I correct that the code comments is outdated with respect to the
code, and it should actually read something like:

  (0 - Bible/Module introduction; 1 - Old Testament, 2 - New Testament)


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