[sword-devel] ERV issues in And Bible

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Mar 17 07:18:10 MST 2017

On 03/17/2017 08:15 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> With it not being an engine function (or so it seems)

I think this is a bug. (Ignoring JSword. Sword apps only.)

Seriously, if the conf has announced its acceptable level of support,
and the running instance of Sword is behind that, then Sword shouldn't
even be trying.

The engine can whine about it on stderr or other log if necessary, but
the frontends shouldn't have to deal with this.

Coincidentally, in current SVN...

$ fgrep 1.7 include/swversion.h
#define SWORD_VERSION_STR "1.7.3"

...notwithstanding that current release is 1.7.4.

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