[sword-devel] Map Compatibility Suggestions

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Mar 15 12:24:53 MST 2017

On 03/15/2017 03:03 PM, Matt Zabojnik wrote:
> None of the maps work in BP, all worked in Xiphos & AndBible during my
> tests.
> I'm thinking it's a front end issue of some kind.

All Xiphos does is request content from the engine with
module.renderText() and paste the result into the HTML widget.

Er, well...  Adjust that: Pre-pasting, Xiphos analyzes received content
for images in order to impose image resizing if necessary. But that only
adds width/height specifications without altering the image reference

Hmm... Just now gdb'ing Xiphos and watching it get image-including
headers from my NET module, the content returned from renderText() on
the heading entry attribute looks like this:

Original content as it appears in module:
<img src="/images/netbible.jpg"/>

As rendered:
border=0 />

Note the double '/'. This says that there should be no difference, as to
whether you include the leading '/' or not.

I can't say how any of the other frontends deal with images.
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