[sword-devel] Map Compatibility Suggestions

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Mar 14 14:18:44 MST 2017

On 03/14/2017 04:11 PM, Matt Zabojnik wrote:
> Can someone give some input on whether this is a front-end issue, or
> if it's something else?
I'm not really sure, but my maps modules have images including a
trailing '/' in the <img> specification.
That is, the difference between
<img src="/images/map7.jpg">
<img src="/images/map7.jpg"/>

Your examples are missing that. Perhaps that's the problem. But frankly
it's a bit of a guess. And the display difference between AndBible and
BPBible is surely an operational difference between JSword and Sword.

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